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Our Facility


What Makes CrossFit Cuspis Different?

CrossFit Cuspis is a strength and conditioning facility that develops individuals to reach levels of fitness they never envisioned they were capable of.  We enable this in part through our exceptional coaching and programming, which combines training methods that include weightlifting, gymnastics and high intensity metabolic conditioning that produces tangible results for our all of our members, regardless of fitness level and goals.

However, it is the continued fostering of a highly inclusive and supportive community at CrossFit Cuspis that fuels individuals to break down barriers and achieve increasing levels of fitness. Much like high-performing teams in business, the military, services industries and sports; our community performs at levels, and produces results, that are greater than the sum of the individuals that comprise it.  It is the synergy of our community that differentiates CrossFit Cuspis.  Our community trains together at an incredibly high level, at a level of intensity than most thought they were incapable of and, as a result, improves together at a high rate.  

 Our Facility

CrossFit Cuspis is a 4100 sq ft training facility that is focused on developing functional fitness through the use of barbells and bumpers, squat racks, pull-up rigs, climbing ropes and rowers.  We do not employ the cable machines, ellipticals, stair masters, or single-movement weight stack equipment that you find in a big box gym.  There is significant benefit in utilizing the simple functional equipment that CrossFit Cuspis utilizes as athletes are not limited by the restrictive movements of the machine itself, rather allowing their bodies to move in natural movement patterns that allows for development of vastly improved fitness levels.  To support individuals who have hectic schedules, CrossFit Cuspis has shower facilities and a full size dedicated parking lot adjacent to the gym to allow for efficient use of your available time.

Our Approach

Our goal is simple, develop you to your fullest athletic potential. We believe strongly that by improving your health and fitness that all other aspects of your life improve. Whether your goal is to improve body composition and strength, run a 5k, do a triathlon or qualify for the CrossFit Games we are here to guide you on your journey. We’ve been there.

Dog Policy

We at CrossFit Cuspis pride ourselves in the flexibility we strive to maintain in serving our Clients.  We have a number of Clients who are dog lovers who, at times, need to bring their loved ones to the gym.  CrossFit Cuspis supports that, however, there are some policies that need to be adhered to in order to show respect to all of our members, as well as, maintain a safe environment for members and their animals.  In order to ensure this, we require that dogs be kept on a leash at all times while in the facility. In addition to this, dogs that get a little anxious and noisy while their owner is grunting through a workout may be asked to be taken outside for the duration of the training session.  If you have any questions about the policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or reach out to your Cuspis team in person. The goal of this is to provide a safe and comfortable class environment for you and your training partners. Please remember, your staff owns dogs, so we understand your connection with them, but we must be proactive to ensure that neither one of you gets into an accident.