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At CrossFit Cuspis we offer an Elements program that is tailored and scheduled to satisfy the individual needs of the Client. We begin with a program framework that consists of four individual one-on-one training sessions, each focused on a grouping of movements employed in CrossFit, including: foundation and squatting; shoulder-to-overhead; pulling; and olympic movements. Each session builds on the prior and is structured to first focus on movement technique, taking the Client through a series of lifts and movements to build capability and confidence, followed by a workout that employs the movements and introduces the Client to a typical CrossFit WOD structure.

Those who are new to CrossFit typically go through all four sessions, completing within a week depending on their schedules and individual recovery. Should Clients feel that they are not prepared to begin normal training following the four sessions, we will continue to work with the Client free of charge until the Client’s desired comfort level is reached.  For those who have a weightlifting background or are potentially returning to CrossFit following a hiatus, we will tailor the sessions to focus on areas of unfamiliarity or where a Client may want a refresher.

At CrossFit Cuspis we do not charge separately for Elements, rather having it included in your unlimited membership level.

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